Busy brain and breakthroughs

lightbulbI don’t think it was any coincidence that THE night after I finally found a lawyer who could take care of my temporary residency and get extensions on my passport…that was the night I had my breakthrough idea for how to use my employees’ spare time during the slow hours at the gym.

I had been sending that request to my normally-creative brain for weeks, but until it could clear away the uncertainty and worry of not knowing if I could stay here, all I drew from it were blanks.

The creative process truly is amazing, and that night, I didn’t even consciously set myself to coming up with an idea. Better still, it was broader and more opportunity-filled idea than I could have hoped for.

Sure, meditation can help, but sometimes our brains just need us to tackle one major obstacle at a time. Remove the first, and it will happily set upon the next. Now, that idea has Napoleon Hill-style become a thing.

Go solve some life problems. One at a time.


About Chris Fountain

Start small, but think BIG.
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