Honduras: The Dark Side

Honduran beach with girl

I do a good job of glossing over the negatives of living here when I report back to the folks up north. Mostly, that’s because people already have the impression that things are much worse than they actually are, at least for the country as a whole.

Some of these little negatives include:

  • Shitty roads
  • Poor signage
  • Unreliable utilities
  • Litter everywhere
  • And corrupt public-sector workers (though not nearly on the scale that I had thought)

However, the biggest problem of all, violence, seems to be getting worse instead of better. Honduras took over the title of “Murder capital of the world” a couple years ago, with San Pedro Sula being considered the most dangerous city in the world, outside of war zones. I’ve been to SPS probably a couple dozen times now, and have yet to even hear a gun shot, so don’t let your imaginations run too wild.


That said, I am noting more and more cases of murders in my small coastal city. I don’t get the paper regularly, so I usually hear about them through my employees. In May, it was a taxi diver. In June, a few cops. This week, one of my employee’s teachers was shot outside his church. Today, I got word that one of my gym’s former clients, who I actually said “hi” to yesterday while I was walking around to various pharmacies, had been killed (probably while working in his taxi).

I have yet to be privy to any of this violence. Most seems to happen in the barrios, further away from Centro. That could be due to less police presence, most of the murders happening at night (when more people are home), or for some other reason.

None of these murders have “gotten” to me. Perhaps I steeled myself against such violence when I came down here, but it is worrisome. I can’t have things getting continually worse around me while I’m trying to run two businesses. That’s why I left the US in the first place. And so, I’ll be on the watch for more signs. If I need to leave, so be it.


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