About Fountain Notes


We all get the same 24 hours each day. Will you make the most of them?

We live in the age of information. YouTubers upload 300 hours of video per minute, authors officially publish over 2 million books per year (with many more being self-published), and Wikipedia contains around 40 million articles in 240 languages. For anyone looking to get ahead, the question becomes, “How do I learn what I need to learn as quickly as possible?”

Fountain Notes are designed specifically for the next generation of leaders. This laser-like focus makes Fountain Notes completely different from book summaries. Only information essential to current and future community, business, regional, national, and world leaders is distilled into an easy-to-read, time-saving format and made available for download to your computer or mobile device.

This website is not about telling you how to be a good leader, though a few of the books covered may share some thoughts about that. Rather, Fountain of Chris and Fountain Notes are all about educating and advising leaders from the best available sources. The next generation of leaders will need to synthesize information from a wide variety of topics in order to be successful in a complex world. That’s why Fountain Notes allow you to select titles from an expansive number of categories including:

  • Biography
  • Economics
  • The Environment*
  • Fiction
  • Government
  • History*
  • The Mind*
  • Personal Development
  • Philosophy
  • Religion*
  • Science*, and
  • Technology*

*Coming soon (I hope you are as excited about these as I am!)

You can strengthen your weaknesses or master your strengths, one set of notes at a time. The notes are presented in complete sentences, with the author’s thoughts related clearly, and as free as possible from my personal bias. For example, here is a page from the basic edition Fountain Notes Vol. 008, John Locke’s, “Two Treatises of Government”:

Fountain Notes - Example Page.png

For those of you interested in the interpretation, historical context, and practical application of the ideas found in Fountain Notes, the annotated editions contain exactly that. Each note is followed by my annotations, in green text, guiding you to a more thorough understanding of what you just read.

The core benefit of Fountain Notes is the ability to cover vast amounts of influential content in a minimal amount of time, because the notes are pre-selected for people like you. As I’m sure you know, the length of a book has little relation to how much information it contains that can help the next generation of leaders. Atlas Shrugged, Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, and Infinite Jest are all between 52 and 58 hours long audiobooks. However, Atlas Shrugged yielded 57 notes, while Man, Economy, and State needed over 400, and Infinite Jestresulted in so few that I wrote this post about it instead of making a volume of Fountain Notes.

For many of you, a secondary benefit of Fountain Notes will be identifying authors and topics you would like to explore further. Perhaps you never in a million years would have thought about spending 37 hours of your life reading Adam Smith’s, The Wealth of Nations, but after reading Fountain Notes Vol. 009, you realize it would be worth getting the entire book. In much the same way as when you watch successful people give advice, Fountain Notes can give you a broad exposure from which to select the areas to devote more time to.


I am a huge believer in the importance of books as a medium of providing essential information. Even in the modern age, books provide a form of educating unique in scope and accessibility. One person can write a book containing tens of hours of content, pushing the boundaries of theories or imagination, and influencing millions, while the same is almost impossible for one person in radio, television, or movies.

Are Fountain Notes a replacement for books? No. These notes are an answer to all of you who have wondered, “How am I ever going to learn what I need to learn without cloning myself or developing a Matrix link?” I am as big a supporter (and user) of Amazon and Audible as you will find anywhere. I know the experience of reading a 500-page book is completely different from reading 6 pages of notes. However, I realize there are many of you with 100+ books on your wish list, desperate to do as Bruce Lee said and, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” Fountain Notes are my best effort at helping you, and the rest of the next generation of leaders, do just that.

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