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The scary parallels between Venezuela and Atlas Shrugged

In July of 2016, I spent 3 hours conversing with a Venezuelan on the flight from Miami to New York. Despite having lived in the United States for decades, her business and relatives gave her reasons to visit her home … Continue reading

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How can Infinite Jest help unite people?

The problem with long books is they develop a reputation of being…long. War and Peace? Long. Les Miserables? Long. Infinite Jest? Long. Being me, I didn’t spend 28 hours listening to a book just for entertainment (The file is 56 … Continue reading

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Health care: Nothing good in sight

This is my longest, meatiest, and most important post to date. Dive in at your own risk, but for those of you short on time, here are the main points: The interventionist system that has led to the ACA and … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The economics are with you

Not surprisingly, some of my fellow geeks have already examined the economics of the fictional Star Wars galaxy. I found four posts, with varying levels of detail, scope, and focus (1, 2, 3, 4). That said, I couldn’t resist adding … Continue reading

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Luddites and the battle for workers’ rights

I never studied the Luddites, so this article by Michael Coren for Quartz was a good excuse to learn about them. However, he and Clive Thompson draw off-the-mark conclusions from the Luddite rebellion (Thompson’s article in Smithsonian). It appears that before … Continue reading

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Supply and demand versus peak resources

I am going to start by admitting I got sucked into the peak oil worries about a decade ago. I even bought my father a book about it one Christmas so we could discuss how screwed everyone was. Needless to … Continue reading

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How can Bastiat’s The Law help unite people?

This is the shortest audiobook in my Audible library (it was originally published as a pamphlet in 1850), but it packs quite a punch, with me saving 23 bookmarks during the 126 minutes of audio. I listened to this immediately after Plato’s … Continue reading

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