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Eisenhower’s Brand of Conservatism and the ‘Middle Way’

“Dwight Eisenhower was a profoundly conservative man, dedicated to the conviction that government served society best by safeguarding the individualism of the governed, and allowing maximum liberty within those limits. His “middle way”, as he shaped and explained that idea, … Continue reading

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Why the South Seceded

Slavery.                       I came across this article from (reposted by the Cato Institute) and was mildly surprised at how fervently some of the comments disagreed with the author and … Continue reading

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Two Treatises of Government – Flash Sale

I got a bit distracted with the Hurricane Harvey relief idea¬†and forgot that today is my man crush, John Locke‘s, 385th birthday. To celebrate, I’m going to have a 24-hour half-off sale on Fountain Notes Vol. 008 – Two Treatises … Continue reading

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What to Do with the Remaining Public Confederate Monuments

**Short on time? Click here for a free PDF file of the notes I took while researching for this article, including many which didn’t make the final cut.** Even after the safe removal of four monuments in New Orleans earlier … Continue reading

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The scary parallels between Venezuela and Atlas Shrugged

In July of 2016, I spent 3 hours conversing with a Venezuelan on the flight from Miami to New York. Despite having lived in the United States for decades, her business and relatives gave her reasons to visit her home … Continue reading

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How can Infinite Jest help unite people?

The problem with long books is they develop a reputation of being…long. War and Peace? Long. Les Miserables? Long. Infinite Jest? Long. Being me, I didn’t spend 28 hours listening to a book just for entertainment (The file is 56 … Continue reading

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Health care: Nothing good in sight

This is my longest, meatiest, and most important post to date. Dive in at your own risk, but for those of you short on time, here are the main points: The interventionist system that has led to the ACA and … Continue reading

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