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Live Tweeting “Grant” by Ron Chernow

Ron Chernow (author of bestselling biographies about Hamilton and Washington) has just released his latest book,¬†Grant. I’ve been tweeting quotes and thoughts as I listen. I’m almost halfway through the 48-hour audiobook, so below are my tweets thus far, in … Continue reading

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Volume 20 of Fountain Notes will be Ray Dalio’s new book

It almost snuck past me, but prominent businessman and investor, Ray Dalio, just released his book,¬†Principles: Life and Work. If you aren’t sure who he is, there are many hours of him speaking all over YouTube, but these clips from … Continue reading

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How can Infinite Jest help unite people?

The problem with long books is they develop a reputation of being…long. War and Peace? Long. Les Miserables? Long. Infinite Jest? Long. Being me, I didn’t spend 28 hours listening to a book just for entertainment (The file is 56 … Continue reading

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