How This Began

Chris with Dogs

In early 2016, when I was still wrestling with the decision to close my gym, I was re-reading Brain Tracy’s Maximum Achievement. Over the years, I had done various exercises for determining one’s defining life goal (Such as Steve Pavlina’s, “How to Discover Your Life Purpose…“, and Caleb Jones’ mission-finding section of “The Unchained Man“) with only partial success.

With Brian Tracy’s approach, there was one question in particular that truly would help define my life going forward. My answer took time to formulate, but once I started thinking on the scale worthy of such an opportunity, it gained clarity:

Brian Tracy Question

I might choose somewhat different wording if I was writing it today, but Fountain of Chris is my humble beginning on the path toward that goal, by educating and advising the next generation of people who will shape our world. Welcome!


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