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Luddites and the battle for workers’ rights

I never studied the Luddites, so this article by Michael Coren for Quartz was a good excuse to learn about them. However, he and Clive Thompson draw off-the-mark conclusions from the Luddite rebellion (Thompson’s article in Smithsonian). It appears that before … Continue reading

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The Reeve Legacy: Who is a Great Person?

Just a short anecdote for you today: After the recent death of Robin Williams, a story circled around about how he went in to visit Christopher Reeve before spinal surgery in 1995 to cheer up his old Julliard classmate as only Robin … Continue reading

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Honduras: The Dark Side

I do a good job of glossing over the negatives of living here when I report back to the folks up north. Mostly, that’s because people already have the impression that things are much worse than they actually are, at … Continue reading

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Busy brain and breakthroughs

I don’t think it was any coincidence that THE night after I finally found a lawyer who could take care of my temporary residency and get extensions on my passport…that was the night I had my breakthrough idea for how … Continue reading

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